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Driving Life Skills Australia has developed specific corporate driver training programs to suit the company and employee needs. 90% of driving is driver attitude. We understand this and work with each driver to create safe driving practices and understanding driver attitude.

Any company, organisation, or person that utilises a vehicle is obligated to uphold their responsibility in providing vehicle safety and education. Australian drivers need safe driving behaviours and attitudes to conform with other advanced driving nations. As Australian drivers adjust to legal obligations regarding the chain of responsibility and driver fatigue, education in these areas is evident.

Driving Life Skills Australia uses world’s best practice to deliver low risk driving approaches throughout Australia. As employees drive company vehicles during work hours and out of work hours it is important to deliver driver education that is appropriate and useful.

Your employees or contractors are displaying your company name. How your employees drive is seen by the public, they are representing you and your company. Do you know how everyone in your company drives?

Corporate training packages can be as short as half a day or up to three days long. The training is not to teach a person how to drive, rather to develop a life skill that will be used every day for the rest of the driver’s life.

We believe in quality over quantity. Our training programs are not available to all and we may refer your business elsewhere. If you are interested to find out if we can work with you during business hours in your state or territory.

What we offer

All courses can be modified to suit your specific business needs.

Vehicle On Road Training
Vehicle On Road Training

A complete training program to identify and correct potential driver hazards.

Our best selling product!

This is an all inclusive, intensive training day with complete follow-up support and complete driver cataloguing. The training day covers the basics for everyone, then evolves to focus on individual training needs. Every driver will come out with a greater understanding of safe driving practices and the relationship their driving standards hold in your company.

Test and Train
Test and Train

A cheaper option that requires less down time with optimum results.

A testing program that reduces worker downtime and quickly identifies risk taking habits of drivers. Designed around driving test procedures and combined with our extensive knowledge of driver risks. Follow-up training can then focus on specific individual results.

Vehicle Evaluations
Vehicle Evaluations

Fleet vehicle testing and evaluations.

Thinking of changing over your fleet? Ask us to determine suitable vehicles, pricing, testing, and safety concerns for your business needs.

Site Safety Evaluations
Site Safety Evaluations

Site, staff, vehicle, and equipment inspections and evaluations.

We can inspect your site for safety concerns, risk management, and external evaluations. It can sometimes be as simple as corporate complacency that can create a risk. Bring in one of our experienced trainers to identify situations that may have been overlooked.

Corporate Fun Days
Corporate Fun Days

Team building and Corporate Fun Days.

Team building exercises and corporate fun days. We can organise simple or elaborate days, with your input or completely designed by us. Please keep in mind these days will revolve around vehicle use.

Safe Towing Practices

Confidence and Understanding.

Driving Life Skills Australia has developed specific training packages for trailer and caravan towing to create safe driving habits when towing. Available for corporate and general public!

The training packages are to create a secure understanding of towing dynamics when applied correctly will enhance driver confidence. Driving Life Skills Australia‘s trailer and caravan training reduces risk of incidence.

Learn to manoeuvre forwards and backwards safely, hitch and unhitch, and safety check correctly. Avoid fines by understanding road law before it’s too late.

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